Recommended Battens for Skiffs & Dinghies

Bluestreak has extensively developed its small boat range over the years. The smaller classes provide an ideal training ground for tomorrow's champions and is where the fundamentals of tuning a rig are learned and perfected.

Dinghy battens (as with all Bluestreak Sail Battens) are constructed using 100% vinylester resin. This results in incredible durability and maximum stiffness for weight.

The factory pretapered range is available in four stiffnesses:

LIGHT: Recommended for dinghies and small centreboarders.
MEDIUM: Recommended for smaller catamarans, skiffs and larger centreboarders.
STIFF: Recommended for 12ft. skiffs and medium sized catamarans.
EXTRA STIFF: Recommended for 18ft. skiffs and catamarans to 25ft.

Round rod ideally makes the stiffest structure but when heavily flexed, the outer fibres begin to fail. This progressive failure causes a hinging effect which eventually levers the batten apart. To avoid this, we have designed a small flat on each side of our profiles, resulting in more fibres carrying the load. Batten roll and twist is also minimized due to this new shape.


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