Cruiser Racer Batten Profiles

Batten ProfilesPretapered cruiser/racer battens are made from premium durable vinylester resins and are available in two widths: 15mm and 20mm wide. The standard drive point for full tapers is 40%.

Custom drive points are available on request.

Leech battens have a designed flexibility to maintain sail form without distortion.

These battens, in smaller profile, are suitable for Trailer Sailers and club racers up to 28ft. The larger profiled battens are suitable for I.M.S. and P.H.R.F. boats, multihulls and cruiser/racers up to 50ft.

A 28mm wide profile is a maxi batten with amazing stiffness for weight, yet remains fully flexible in its tapering possibilities. Amazon, as it is known, is the stiffest profile made by Bluestreak and is generally used for boats larger than 55ft.

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