Bluestreak Fibreglass Batten Shaping

Bluestreak Sail Battens are designed to provide, as standard, a drive point approximately 40% aft for a full batten, making them suitable for most applications. We can, however, provide battens to your specification.

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The Bluestreak Sail Batten range is manufactured under scrutiny by the professional Permex Products staff using only the most progressive and flexible computer technology. This allows us to produce varied tapered shapes to within 0.01mm accuracy.

Curvature or draft produces power, or lift, in a sail. The curvature is designed into the sail with regard to the type of boat, degree of mast bend, expected wind range, etc. The point of maximum depth, or draft, is also called the drive point and is expressed as a percentage of the chord, aft of the mast.

A free standing sail operating in clear air like a jib, genoa or cat mainsail, should have a drive point approximately 33% to 40% aft. The trend in mainsails (used with a jib) is to carry the drive 45% to 50% aft in the lower part of the sail, and 40% in the peak where the main is operating in free air. This gives the sail the optimum shape, given the wide variance of conditions in which it must operate.

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